Thursday, April 12, 2012

Part 5

Day 2 at Disney!  This morning we started out at Animal Kingdom.  If you can go when it's not so crowded (like at park opening), it is such a nice park.  Everything is so beautiful and shady and all the themed areas look awesome.  Maggie got kinda brave today and met some characters.  She is NOT a fan of the characters where you can't see their faces.  We were waiting in line to meet Flik, from "A Bug's Life," here and as you can see, she wasn't quite sure about him.  Hee.

 She practically shoved me into him when it was finally our turn.  He let me touch his velvety hand and I tried to get Maggie to do the same, but she was having none of that.

 Look, Maggie!  It's Flik!
No way, Mommy.

 Maggie got brave when we ran into Pooh and had her picture made with him and Grammy.
But then poor Eeyore got the shaft.  He was SO cute.

 Maggie didn't want to meet hin either so I took one for the team and had my picture made with him.
He seriously was the cutest thing ever.  After that, we went on this ride called Dinosaur, where you ride on this jeep that travels through time (I think) back to the time of the dinosaurs.  Obviously.  Then of course, the T Rex starts coming after your jeep and you have to lurch your way out of a million years ago.  It was seriously the loudest ride I've ever been on IN MY LIFE.  I thought my ears were going to start bleeding.  I also could not stop laughing because it was so jerky and threw us around.  Maggie was not laughing at the end of the ride.  Oops. Also, Mrs. Huxtable was in the pre-show video.  Thank goodness it was time to eat so we have more food pictures!  We ate lunch at Yak and Yeti and DANG, that place was good.  It was SO good.  We had the best pot stickers I've ever had in my life.  Sorry, China.  And then for dessert I got cream cheese wontons, which I ate in about 5 seconds flat.  Those suckers were good.

Then we went on the Safari, which was super fun.  I love that ride.  We went to the zoo this week, which was also fun, but I texted my friend Brooke and said there is something to be said for Disney's manufactured guarantees that you actually see animals when you are at Animal Kingdom.  Most of the animals were snoozing away at the zoo on Monday. You know we have a million pictures, but I will only put a few of the animals, just so you can see how close they were!

 Hello, big horned animals.  I do not remember what you were but your horns are very large.

Mama rhino.  Her baby was across the way and she was heading in his direction.

After all of that animal-y excitement, we escaped the park before the parade and headed back to the hotel to get some things.  We had a very important date with Brooke, Jeff and Emma at Downtown Disney!!!!  I'll put that in a different post because I have a bunch of (not great) pictures to include.  Yay, Disney!

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