Thursday, April 12, 2012

Part 6

So, we rushed back to Pop and I grabbed Christmas gifts from the car and got something else from the hotel room and then we BLEW over to Downtown Disney on the bus.  We were meeting up with Brooke, Jeff and Emma.  I couldn't wait for Maggie and Emma to see one another again.  And of course, I was excited to see Brooke and Jeff as well!   It took Maggie and Emma about 1 minute to get over the initial, "Hey, I know you and yeah, we Skype sometimes but now you're here for real and that's kinda cool" weirdness and they were off and giggling and dashing around.  I love the looks on their faces in these pictures when they are talking to one another.  Of course, Brooke and I cried.  Emma is a champion pin trader and is a bit bolder than Maggie in that respect so Maggie got a lesson in how to pin trade from her.  They had such a good time.

 Brooke and I agreed that it was nice for the girls to have one another to talk to and do stuff with instead of their boring old moms all the time. Plus that meant we didn't have to go on the carousel.

 Heehee, cheese!

 Love this one.

 "And then, my mom made me wear SNEAKERS today and not flip flops!  She is SO embarrassing."

 Talking of Very Serious Things, it appears.

This picture was taken after they harassed every employee in the pin trading store.  Then we went over to the GIANT Disney store and got the girls pixie dusted at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique--free!  The Fairy Godmother in Training that did it was great and had a little rhyme to say and the girls made a wish, I think, and then they got covered in gold glitter.  It stayed in Maggie's hair most of the week.  All too soon, our visit came to an end and Emma and Co. had to head for home.  It is always so great to see them and I am so thankful that we have kept up our friendships--all of us!

Then we went to the Earl of Sandwich and got dinner and DEVOURED it.  Barb went into a food coma shortly afterwards because she had gotten so hungry.  We shopped for a bit and then rode the bus home and collapsed into our beds immediately.

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