Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part 7

So, the next morning, we had a breakfast reservation at the Kona Cafe, mainly because I wanted to have some real coffee and not the swill that Disney serves in their other restaurants.  We got to ride the monorail over to the Polynesian resort and then we also visited the Grand Floridian so we could see the humongous gingerbread house there.

 This was my breakfast, the big kahuna.  That was a heck of a lot of food.  And the pancakes had macadamia nut butter on them.  OMG.  I could have eaten it with a spoon.  I was not a member of the Clean Plate Club at this meal.

 Maggie found a small sofa and coffee table so she settled in to watch a cartoon when we got to the Grand Floridian.


After all of the eating and gawking, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom again.  I was way more into the whole Disney spirit this day because we got there early and I was just happy.  Plus I was all full of macadamia goodness and coffee.  So, we rode some rides and then we ran into Peter Pan. Maggie was being sort of weird about meeting him, but he called her by name (!) and she was suddenly entranced.  He also told us where to find Tinkerbell on the map.  The characters on this trip were SO great.  They were patient with skittish little girls and really took their time with us.  

 The cheesy expression on my face is a recurring theme on this trip

 We rode on the Peoplemover, which is always a favorite, and took silly pictures.

 There are some rather unattractive shots of Barb and me in the pitch dark on this ride, but I shall refrain from posting them.  

 Then we ran into Chip and Dale on the way out of the park, and they were AWESOME.  Maggie was scared at first, but then she apparently was comfortable enough to tell them her life story, by the time we said goodbye.

Maggie and David watching the parade, I think.  Aladdin blew me a kiss as they went by and I about flooded the park with my cheesiness.  It was awesome.

Then we rode the bus over to Hollywood Studios because I wanted to be sure and see the Osborne Family Light Display.  Maggie was running out of steam at this point.

 The lights were AMAZING!  They were all synced to music and "snow" fell and it was just great.

 There were also some weird creeper people there that kept standing too close to us, so of course, we had to photobomb some pictures.  I'm dumb.  Then Barb and I made David and Maggie ride the Tower of Terror and I screamed my GUTS out.  I think my screaming scared Maggie more than the actual ride.  Then we went back to the hotel room, ate some birthday cake and fell asleep immediately.

Our New Year's card this year

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  1. Peter Pan was just perfect! I wasn't sure why Maggie was afraid of him since he was a person not a fuzzy character. Maybe she thought he was a leprechaun ..... Barb